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1-5/8x1-5/8X10 STRUT 12 GAUGE

Product #: 170-B22SHAGALV10

Weight: 3.64


B22SHAGALV BACK TO BACK COMBINATION STRUT CHANNEL METAL FRAMING is designed for heavy duty applications where engineering design loads require back to back combination to acheive higher load calculations. Available in 10' and 20' lengthes or cut to length per job specifications. Please contact us for cut to length requests or additional engineering data. •2 CHANNEL(S) •SLOTTED CONFIGURATION •12 GAUGE THICKNESS •3-1/4 INCH HEIGHT EACH SIDE. •2 INCH CENTER SPACING SLOTS. •7/8 INCH L X 9/16 INCH W HOLE/SLOT SIZE. •COLD FORMED PROCESS. •LOW CARBON COMMERCIAL GRADE STEEL MATERIAL.

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