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C.I.S. Services

  • Mechanical Take-Offs & Submittals
  • Engineered Systems
  • Fabrication Services
  • Customized Inventory Solutions
  • Safety Training On-site
  • Delivery Service
  • Lunch n Learn
  • After Hours "Emergency" Services
  • Custom Imprinting
  • Fasteners On Site Pull Testing
  • Product Training & Certification
  • Special Orders
  • Custom Signs, Stickers, Labels

Mechanical Take-Offs
& Submittals

Contractors & Industrial Supply, Inc. has forged long-term partnerships with many significant specialty mechanical & electrical contractors by offering “pre-bid” plan take-off services and submittal packages. Customers upload their plans to our “file share” link, or we pull from their “FTP” site and we take it from there. Significant attention to details ensure we give our clients comprehensive pre-bid budget numbers on specified products.

Engineered Systems

Today’s projects demand more from contractors than ever before. Whether your need is an engineered strut grid system, labor saving seismic bracing system, steam tunnel piping supports including anchor point engineering, we work with estimating and project management to meet specifications. We provide full plan layout with stamped engineering drawings back to the contractor to assure all approvals are met.

Fabrication Services

Site logistics and construction schedules can present many different challenges. Waiting on manufacturer’s lead times may not be an option. Contractors & Industrial Supply, Inc. has the capability to provide fabricated non typical mechanical supports per your projects specifications. Whether a simple welded bracket or a series of grade specific hot dipped galvanized pipe stands for a waste water facility, we can meet your needs.

Customized Inventory Solutions

Time is money. With our Custom Inventory Solution, we keep your job or shop stocked so your team is never waiting on key products, streamlining the procurement process. Whether your project requires conex storage units or on site storage cabinets, we can meet your needs. We partner with you at the inception of the project to determine specific products, stock levels, and time schedules required to meet your job requirements. And at the end of the project, standard stock items can be returned for credit.

Safety Training On-site

Jobsite safety is everyone’s responsibility. Training is essential to ensuring the safest work environment and minimizing the risks to the workers and bystanders. We provide training and demonstrations for on-site safety meetings for fall protection, ladder safety, power tool safety, and more. This value added service helps meet continuing education requirements on site.

Delivery Service

In a world where sub contract couriers are common, dependable delivery schedules can be challenging. Our philosophy is simple. Your job is to tell us when and where and how you need it, and our job is to get it there in the fastest most reliable method available. We continue to offer our customers jobsite delivery as a part of our overall commitment to our customer partnerships. We are dedicated to getting the materials to you on time and in excellent condition.

Lunch n Learn

Things are moving pretty fast in this world. It’s tough to keep up with the newest, best or most-efficient product to meet the need. These “Lunch & Learn” lunch-time training sessions are provided in cooperation with the industry’s top manufacturers, and are a great way to teach your team about the newest labor saving products in the industry. These sessions incorporate personal safety training into the product presentations. If you find just one labor-saving product or idea, it will have been a worthwhile investment. Plus a free lunch! Call and schedule today.

After Hours "Emergency" Services

Time is money, and sometimes that time is “after hours”. Shut downs and emergencies can’t wait. Contractors & Industrial Supply, Inc. is a customer first company, and our “whatever it takes” philosophy is what we built our business on! If required, your sales representative will arrange for a contact to be on call to fulfill your off hours requirements or you can send requests to Our services are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Custom Imprinting

Custom printing your company’s name and logo on specific products is a great way to help build your business brand, protect your assets, and give your employees a sense of pride on the jobsite. Many of our products can be ordered with your company's name and logo professionally imprinted, and delivered right to your site or office. Here is a list of some of the products available for custom imprinting:

  • Extension Cords
  • First Aid Kits
  • Hard Hats
  • Fall Protection Equipment
    • Harnesses
    • Safety Bags
  • High Visibility Clothing
    • Jackets
    • Tee shirts
    • Safety vests
  • Raingear
  • Safety Glasses

Fasteners On Site Pull Testing

Every jobsite is different, and so are the base materials that you have to fasten into. Manufacturers provide literature and specifications for their products, but sometime the engineer requires an “onsite” pull test to certify the fastener load data. Contractors & Industrial Supply, Inc. can arrange a pull test at your jobsite and document the results in a timely manner, many times at no charge.

Product Training & Certification

Training and certification is critical to jobsite safety and government compliance. Whether at your office or jobsite, Contractors & Industrial Supply, Inc. can help keep your team up to date and in compliance on many of our products. This service is offered in partnership with our product manufacturer’s staff, often free of charge.

  • Fall Protection Training
  • Firestopping Installation Procedures & Inspection
  • Hand Tool Safety Training
  • Hoists: Safe Usage and Maintenance
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Lifting Slings Proper Use & Inspection
  • Powder Actuated Training & Certification
  • Power Tool Safety Training
  • Respiratory Fit Testing

Special Orders

Looking for a hard to find product? If you cannot find the item on our website, contact us by phone or e-mail. We represent hundreds of manufacturers, and we will make it a priority to find what you are looking for and deliver when and where you need it!

Custom Signs, Stickers, Labels

OSHA Safety Signs ARE REQUIRED! We can provide signs and labels per your size requirements for any need. Whether you need “NO PARKING” or “HAZARDOUS MATERIALS WARNING” signs, we can provide fast turnaround and low cost!